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Lab Access During WPAs


In order to control the flow of the students in the Digital Language Lab area, the main glass and wood doors to the Lab will be closed during the SOPIWPA testing period.

Instructors with classes taking a SOPI or WPA:

On the day of your test, there will be the display text on the Flat TV (attached image) at the Lathrop Lobby with the schedule for that day.  Please wait there with your students.  About 5 minutes before the exam start time, either Ken or Takeshi will come to you and  students to guide you to the Lab/testing room.

Instructors with classes in Lathrop 191, 195, 196, and 197: 

Your card will open the main door, but the students’ cards won’t.  So, just like SOPI test takers, please wait for your students in the lobby area but once they arrive, you can take them to your classroom.