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Typing in Russian: Practicing for the WPA

The keyboard for typing in Russian on the WPA will be the Google Chrome OS Russian keyboard.  During the test, a keyboard map (below) will be shown on the screen of each user’s test, and there will be a sheet of paper with the map next to each computer.

To get this keyboard on a Mac or PC, open Chrome, go to the Chrome Web Store (  Enter “google input tools” into the search box and find the Google Input Tools extension.  Install that extension and then go to the Extension Options.  Scroll down the list of languages in the left box (Add Input Tools) to find the Russian keyboard (Русская клавиатура) and use the arrow between the boxes to move that to the right box (Selected Input Tools).  Close the Chrome Extension Options tab, click the extension again, select that keyboard and you are ready to go.

Russian keyboard


More information about Google Input Tools can be found at